Frequently Asked Questions

Are Community Council meetings open to the public?

Yes. You are welcome to attend. Meetings normally take place on the last Thursday of the month at 7.30pm at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, 64 Balmoral Street, G14 0BL. More information here and you can read the minutes of previous meetings here

How can I become a Community Councillor?

If you are a resident in this area and are 16 or over you are eligible to stand for election to the community council. We hold full elections every four years (next one is scheduled for October 2017) – however we occasionally hold interim elections to fill vacancies. You need to fill out an application and have the signatures of two residents supporting your nomination.  If you’re interested in the work of the community council, please come along to a meeting or contact the Secretary by email at scotscoco@gmail.com

How can I find out and comment on a planning application?

You can now find out about current planning applications on the City Council website (www.glasgow.gov.uk) under Business, then Planning. The site also has advice and a downloadable leaflet ‘Have Your Say’ about how to make a comment.

The email address for comments is: planning.representations@drs.glasgow.gov.uk

Representations should be sent to:

Development & Regeneration Services, Development Control, 229 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1QU.

How can I find out about licensing applications?

The City’s website (www.glasgow.gov.uk) ‘Business’ section contains information about the City’s power to issue licenses and permits through the Licensing Board and its sub-committees. There you can find links to advice on procedures applicable to animals, food & drink, charitable collections, entertainment, taxis & private hire cars, houses in multiple occupation, civil marriages, safety of sports grounds and trading.

How can I contact the Community Council?

For general enquires, please contact the Secretary (scotscoco@gmail.com) or come to a meeting!

Can I raise an issue at the Community Council meeting?

Yes. You can email the Secretary (scotscoco@gmail.com) in advance OR leave a notification at Heart of Scotstoun reception desk OR advise at the beginning of the meeting that you have an issue to raise. It will then be taken up, either as appropriate during the meeting, or at the end of the main agenda.


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